A blurb on Rebecca Middleton

Ten years and a day ago, Canadian visitor Rebecca Middleton was raped and killed under brutal circumstances. Nobody has been convicted of any crime against her with the exception of a guilty-plea from one person for being an accessory after the fact.

I think that I was on summer holiday back in Bermuda from university when the crime happened and I had figured that it'd have been solved pretty quickly once they had the accused persons in court, showed the forensic evidence, quick conviction. But somewhere down the line, the legal system hiccuped.

CBC recently reported that the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board awarded Rebecca's family a total of just over $2,800. Scanty, to say the least.

Bermuda is a very safe place to visit. Many of us are friendly and hospitable to visitors. However, we're quickly assembling a pretty ugly laundry list of gaffes and butchered crime cases.

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