Yay for Daylight Savings Time

Aside from the lost hour of sleep, there's something rejuvenating about the first day after switching our clocks forward an hour. To look outside and see the sun still out and looking at the clock and seeing that it's only like 7:30pm, it's refreshing. That's one of the positives of springtime in Bermuda.

I think that Barbados should push its clocks forward an hour permanently - from a selfish point-of-view, I'm not enthused about the sun up at 5am and it being bright and hot by 7, and the sun down by 6pm or whatnot. I think it'd be worthwhile to have a longer actual day - I think businesses could get behind that idea, although if I'm not mistaken the average workday there is 8-4 instead of the North American 9-5. Interesting.

Pope John Paul II passed away recently. Congrats to all those who persevered and picked him in their Dead Pool this year. Seriously, it's a bit stunning. He was well-respected by the majority of the global community, despite his hard stances regarding contraception, abortion rights and homosexual marriage. Already the media is creating buzz about the battle for his successor. Figures.

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