Bermuda still struggling in the Internet Age

Firstly, it's the Martin Luther King national holiday in the United States and we should take some time to give thanks to him and the civil rights movement that helped to make not only that country, but many other nations, better.

I want to get an office chair for my room so I can actually sit correctly/comfortably at my computer. Because most stores here inexplainably shut at 5pm I'm unable to browse the stores except during my lunch period, when I'd rather be, you know, eating lunch. But maybe the stores have an online presence. Yeah. The few that actually do, don't even bother to list what they have and definitely don't mention any kind of prices. They may say, look we have this chair [pictures here], visit the manufacturer's site to find out the specs, and that's it, still no price. So most likely you'd have to find a telephone number and make a bunch of inquiries instead, losing a great deal of time and patience. The only benefit is that all the businesses are on even footing. If someone actually made it convenient for an individual to browse and order online things like office equipment, they'd have such an advantage... but in Bermuda, the so-called e-commerce hub, things still continue to go at a 1970s pace.

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justamysticman said...

I would simply look on e-moo for an office chair. You can get almost anything in "brand-new second-hand" condition for less than half the price of new there. I've seen plenty of great office chairs on that site. With photos as well.

It costs me almost $200 a month for 1 Gig DSL service here in Bermuda. That’s $89 for the phone line and $109 for the ISP. That is absolutely ridiculous compared to other jurisdictions!